Tokyo is well known for its fairly haphazard  urban architecture. Within a relatively small radius one can often come across a mescla of architectural design from a variety of eras.In the same way the landscape architecture ideas that accompany the urban architecture can be from Turin to Timbuktu within meters of each other.

Walking from downtown Shinjuku to the station, we stumbled across some striking modern design. The first a modern Zen-style landscape structurally based on dry or karensui gardenelements, probably loosely representing the nine mountains and eight seas of the Buddhist universe. The second what seems to be (and this is simply an interpretation of a modern piece) eluding to the collapse of a cultural or language bridge. 

Though common materials and construction were used between them, the artwork and design of each seems to draw on entirely different intent and style. That being said both are attractive pieces in their own way and are examples of the juxtaposition of ideas behind the present day Tokyo landscape.

Tokyo modern 1 Tokyo modern 2

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